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Calculated a Distance from Selma, to Fairbanks,
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    As you're visiting Fairbanks city, Alaska - Did you know that the est current population is 32036? * source 2010 US Gov census

What is the distance between Selma AND Fairbanks?problem?

The distance between Selma and Fairbanks in a straight line is 3366 miles or 5415.89 Kilometers

Driving Directions & Drive Times from Selma to Fairbanks can be found further down the page. Driving distances, maps and journey times are currently provided by Google mapping systems. Gas estimates and trip costs are calculated based on the mileage and sample fuel price for the distance.

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Driving directions from Selma (Alabama) to Fairbanks (Alaska)

Calculate the Driving Distance Between Selma (Alabama) and Fairbanks (Alaska) - If you need to reverse this and get a map and driving directions from Fairbanks to Selma click on the link. Click here to Show directions for the from Selma to Fairbanks and the distance by road between the two. No map displayed?Click here for an alternative map of Selma, Alabama.

Fuel Gas Costs Of Driving

Estimated Trip Fuel Costs and Drive Times Estimate Fuel Costs Using Your Inputs

You can work out the gas cost of driving from Selma to Fairbanks using your own vehicle MPG and gas cost for the distance. Click here to do so, You may also like to click here to see an estimated driving time and fuel consumption representation.

Gas cost estimates for this Selma to Fairbanks trip

Click here to calculate the fuel cost from Selma to Fairbanks using your own car inputs and the driving time and distances from the map route below

What is the weather doing in Fairbanks ?

Make sure you plan your trip effectively and are aware of any local enviromental possibilities.
If you are visiting Fairbanks then be sure to check out the weather forecast before you leave as you might just need a raincoat or a blanket! Hopefully you'll just need sunnies! :).

This page is designed to give you a good indication of how far it is from Selma to Fairbanks from two perspectives, road and straight line. Calculated distances from Selma to Fairbanks are a guide measure only displaying the shortest distance as the crow flies, calculated via longitudinal and latitudinal points for two distinct locations on our earth.

Travel thoughts for your from Selma to Fairbanks

Driving By Car: If you were in a car and maintained an average speed of 60mph (96 kmh) over the course of your it would take you around 68.44 hours to get from Selma to Fairbanks. We've included a few additional estimates below based on different average speeds. Be sure to obey the speed limits!

Average Speed Overall Drive time
50 mph 82.13 hours (4039 minutes) Sat Nav for your Journey?
Adventure Holiday in The USA
60 mph 68.44 hours (3366 minutes)
70 mph 58.66 hours (2885 minutes)

Travelling By Air: If you were in a plane say a Boeing 707 and maintained an average cruise speed of 450 mph (724.1 kmh) over the course of your it would take you around 8 hours to get from Selma to Fairbanks

* All times are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as actual times. Drive times are estimates designed to give you an indication of travel time. These will vary based on geography and traffic. Check with your travel company for precise times between Selma and Fairbanks

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