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Calculated a Distance from Paris, to Zurich,
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The approx distance between Paris and Zurich in a straight line is 303 miles or 487.53 KMS problem? See the maps and links below for additional information related to driving distances, fuel costs and estimated journey times for this trip from Paris to Zurich. Happy trails!!


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If no map is displayed? Click here for a map of Paris, Ile de France (Paris is in Paris Zurich is in Zurich East Switzerland)

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Distance Calculated from Paris in France to Zurich in Switzerland

Approx distance in miles from Paris to Zurich is 303 miles or 487.53 KMS problem?

This page was designed to give you a good indication of the distance from Paris to Zurich. Distances from Paris to Zurich are a rough measure only showing the shortest distance as the crow flies, using longitudinal and latitudinal points. The Paris maps link here gives driving directions and may be a better indicator of the distance between. Poor result? Please tell us if you think this is way off, our distances are only as good as the data we have on file :)

Travel considerations for a journey between Paris and Zurich

By Road: If you were in a road vehicle maintaining an average speed of 40mph (64 kmh), it would take you approximately 9.24 hours to travel from Paris to Zurich for an estimated driving distance of 390.87 miles (594.79 kms) . (see map below for precise driving times, directions and distance)

Average Speed Overall Estimated Drive time
40 mph 9.24 hours ( minutes) Sat Nav?
55 mph 6.72 hours ( minutes)
70 mph 5.28 hours (260 minutes)
Need a different perspective? Distance from Paris to Zurich

By Train: If you were in a train that averaged 100mph (160.9 kmh) travelling non stop with no connections or changes it would take you around 3 hours to travel from Paris to Zurich

By Air: If you were in a plane and maintained an average airspeed of 450 mph (724.1 kmh), your travelling time would be approximately 1.2 hours for Paris to Zurich. (includes 30 mins ascent and descent time)

* All travel times are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as actual journey times. Coastal routes for example, are often much further when driven. Best estimates can be found further down the page with the maps and directions provided by Google. Do please check with your travel company for precise journey times between Paris and Zurich. Train times assume non stop, air times include 30 minutes for take off and landing.

For driving distance directions and travel journey times try the new improved Google Maps integration

Also consider using a European Rail Pass - save money by buying train tickets for multiple countries!


Paris to Zurich 303.56 miles. (scrollup for more info)

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Places to stay in Paris and Zurich There are hundreds of nice hotels, luxury, 5 star, 4 star, budget, cheap boarding houses, b and b's, guesthouses and other types of accommodation serving these areas, be it or Zurich B&B there should be something that might just fit your needs. Happy travels :)

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